PaxeraHealth Unveils Groundbreaking AI Assisted Reading and Generative AI Technologies at RSNA23

Chicago, IL – November 27, 2023 – PaxeraHealth, a pioneer in innovative enterprise imaging solutions, is making waves at the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) 109th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, showcasing cutting-edge technologies focused on AI Assisted Diagnostic Imaging Reading and Generative AI.

PaxeraUltima 9th Gen takes center stage with an enhanced EraBot, a voice-enabled chatbot utilizing generative AI. This innovative feature empowers radiologists by allowing them to navigate viewing and interpretation through prompts and voice commands. The integration of AI-assisted viewer tools not only enhances radiologist efficiencies and workflows but also reduces interpretation turnaround time. The new viewer is equipped with built-in AI algorithms capable of detecting regions, labels, and radiomics of over 100 anatomical objects. Radiologists can activate automated spine labeling, rib counting, organ volumetry, track changes, or identify radiomics on-the-fly during the reading process. The platform provides a comprehensive diagnostic and reporting experience from a single login, showcasing PaxeraHealth’s unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare.

Dr. Mohamed Shoura, CEO of PaxeraHealth, commented, « At RSNA23, we are proud to unveil our latest advancements in AI Assisted Reading and Generative AI. These technologies represent a significant leap forward in the healthcare industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, security, and quality patient care. PaxeraHealth continues to lead the way in shaping the future of diagnostic imaging. »

Visit us at Booth # 4342 or schedule a demo to experience firsthand how PaxeraUltima 9th Gen (U9) can enhance your workflow, deliver exceptional results, and contribute to algorithm development.

About PaxeraHealth:

PaxeraHealth is a leading provider of innovative healthcare solutions, dedicated to transforming the landscape of diagnostic imaging. With a focus on AI Assisted Reading and Generative AI, PaxeraHealth empowers healthcare professionals with cutting-edge technologies to enhance diagnostic accuracy, improve workflow efficiency, and elevate patient care.